Company Overview

Developing improved therapeutic uses for existing molecules

Strong product pipeline

Medac Pharma, Inc. is a privately held specialty pharmaceutical company based in Chicago, Illinois. Backed by medac GmbH, a global pharmaceutical company that has been operating in 70 countries for over 40 years, we are independently and aggressively building our operations in the United States, focusing initially on the development and commercialization of treatments for autoimmune diseases and cancer. By forming new partnerships and leveraging our parent company’s strong product pipeline, we have the opportunity to make significant medical advancements that can help patients live better lives.

Seasoned professionals with an entrepreneurial spirit

Our leadership team is composed of senior pharmaceutical and biotechnology professionals who have extensive experience in operations, sales, marketing, and commercialization. At Medac Pharma, Inc. everyone can learn from some of the brightest minds in the industry while applying their own knowledge, skills, and expertise in a collaborative and supportive environment.

Personalized approach to medicine

Our team is dedicated to developing and commercializing medicines that offer the highest possible degree of safety and tolerability. We develop mid-to-late stage molecules as well as enhance existing therapies through new dosage forms, concentrations, and modes of delivery. We believe in taking a personalized approach to medicine, where patients have access to the best treatment options and the ability to manage their own therapy.

Living a legacy of leading edge innovation

About our parent company

Since its founding over 40 years ago, medac GmbH has focused on developing treatments for autoimmune diseases and cancer for patients all over the world. Headquartered in Germany, medac GmbH has developed more than 60 different specialized therapies with worldwide marketing and distribution agreements. It is an industry leader that continually releases new and innovative drug products.

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Commercialization in the United States

Our goal is to maximize the value of medac GmbH’s strong product pipeline by independently managing drug development and commercialization efforts in the United States. We are evaluating U.S. marketing opportunities for medac GmbH products that have been approved in Europe, while seeking other business partnerships to develop, in-license, and co-promote new products. We plan to draw on the extensive resources of our parent company to offer comprehensive support to patients and providers in a market with a strong need for more effective treatments.

Practicing a patient-first philosophy

Patients are our priority

Our mission is to develop and deliver products and services that focus on improving health outcomes and quality of life.

Core values

We bring unique experiences and expertise to the table, but we all share a set of values that define our company culture.

  • Be courageous.
  • Be ethical.
  • Be respectful.
  • Be optimistic.
  • Be passionate.
  • Be collaborative.
  • Be committed.

Engaging experience, expertise and entrepreneurship

Leadership Team

Our leadership team consists of high-performing professionals who offer significant expertise in a broad range of areas and work together to determine the strategic direction and focus for our organization.

  • Ulrich Kosciessa, PhD
    Chairman of the Board

    Ulrich Kosciessa, PhD
    Chairman of the Board

    Ulrich Kosciessa, PhD has been our Chairman of the Board and Director since June 2012. Dr. Kosciessa serves as Managing Director at our parent company, medac GmbH, and is a member of the executive management board.

    Dr. Kosciessa joined medac GmbH in 1997 as Assistant to the Managing Director and founder. Prior to assuming the position of International Division Director in 2004, he was responsible for providing sales and marketing leadership to the international division. Under Dr. Kosciessa’s direction, medac GmbH established several subsidiaries and affiliates, as well as a network of international partners globally.

    Since 2006 Dr. Kosciessa has served concurrently as CEO of Photonamic, a subsidiary of medac GmbH. Photonamic is focused on research and development of photodynamic therapy and diagnostics, with products currently marketed in Europe, South America, Asia, and Australia. From 2006 to 2008 Dr. Kosciessa served as CEO at Immune Laboratory of Hannover, a research based organization focused on autologous dendritic cell-based tumor vaccines.

    Prior to joining medac GmbH, Dr. Kosciessa was a postdoctoral researcher at the neuroscience/neurodegenerative diseases division of Schering AG.

    Dr. Kosciessa received a B.S. in Biology and a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from Georg-August University of Göttingen, Germany.

  • Terri Shoemaker
    President and Chief Executive Officer; Director

    Terri Shoemaker
    President and Chief Executive Officer; Director

    Terri Shoemaker joined Medac Pharma, Inc in 2012 as President and Chief Executive Officer and a member of our board of directors. Since developing the business plan that led to a shareholder decision to launch Medac Pharma, Ms. Shoemaker has implemented an ambitious commercial strategy to support the launch of our leading product candidate for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.

    Prior to joining Medac Pharma, Ms. Shoemaker served as Vice President of Sales at InterMune where she developed a large-scale commercial sales infrastructure in preparation for the launch of a treatment for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. Before joining InterMune in 2009, Ms. Shoemaker co-founded BioPharm Strategic Solutions, providing commercial, operational and strategic guidance for start-up pharmaceutical and biotechnology organizations. In 2002 Ms. Shoemaker joined Pharmion Corporation, serving as National Sales Director and then Sr. Director US Commercial Operations building and leading a specialty oncology organization. In 2008 when Celgene Corporation acquired Pharmion, Ms. Shoemaker remained as Executive Director of Strategic Commercial Operations working as part of the executive transition team charged with building the new and fully aligned commercial organization. Ms. Shoemaker began her career at DuPont Pharmaceuticals, which was acquired by Bristol Myers Squibb in 2000, where she held a number of leadership positions including Senior Director of Sales, Director of Clinical Development & Education, and Director Marketing and Health Management.

    Ms. Shoemaker holds B.S. degrees in Communication Science and Psychology from Missouri State University, and a M.S. degree in Communication Science and Disorders from University of Central Missouri.

  • Nikolaus Graf Stolberg

    Nikolaus Graf Stolberg

    Nikolaus Graf Stolberg has served as a member of the Board of Directors since June 2012. He joined our parent company, medac GmbH, as Managing Director in 2008. He oversees product development and has since established seven successful business units, leveraging his more than 16 years of international pharmaceutical sales and marketing experience.

    Prior to joining medac GmbH, Mr. Stolberg served as General Manager of Pharmion GmbH, where he was responsible for building and managing Pharmion’s operations in Germany. Before joining Pharmion in 2002, Mr. Stolberg was the Director of International Sales at PlasmaSelect AG, where he established and managed three PlasmaSelect affiliates in the UK, Spain, and Italy as well as coordinated the approval of new therapies in various countries.

    Mr. Stolberg held the position of International Marketing and Sales Manager at medac GmbH from 1990 to 2000, during which he built a sales organization that included four affiliates and successfully commercialized 20 products worldwide.

    Mr. Stolberg studied European business administration at Münster College in Germany and received a Bachelor of Arts in Business at Humberside Business school in England.

  • Bill Poncy
    Senior Vice President of Commercial Operations

    Bill Poncy
    Senior Vice President of Commercial Operations

    Bill Poncy is currently Senior Vice President of Commercial Operations. His scope of responsibility includes trade, marketing, operations, distribution, and manufacturing.

    Prior to joining Medac Pharma, Mr. Poncy served as Vice President of Commercial Development at Accera, Inc., where he successfully developed and executed an integrated commercial plan for the Alzheimer’s disease treatment Axona. Before joining Accera, Mr. Poncy held the role of Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Myogen, Inc., leading the U.S. commercial effort and developing and implementing pre-launch and launch plans for all Myogen products. In 2001 Mr. Poncy joined Pharmion Corporation as Vice President of Sales and Marketing where he launched a specialty pharmaceutical commercial organization and served as a key member of the corporate management team. In 2000, Mr. Poncy served as Senior Director of National Sales. and then Senior Director of Marketing for Maxim Pharmaceuticals where he was responsible for building brand equity for Maxim’s Phase III oncology products. Mr. Poncy began his career at Berlex Laboratories as a sales representative, and then spent 16 years at DuPont where he served as Director of Integrated Healthcare, Director of National Accounts and Trade Relations, and Director of State Government Affairs.

    Mr. Poncy holds a B.S. in Biological Sciences from the University of California at Irvine and an MBA from the University of Phoenix.

  • Brian Peters
    Vice President of Marketing

    Brian Peters
    Vice President of Marketing

    Brian Peters was appointed Vice President of Marketing in April 2015. Mr. Peters joined Medac Pharma, Inc. in 2013 as Senior Director, Marketing, starting and building the Marketing function and overseeing marketing activities for the launch of Rasuvo®. Mr. Peters has over 25 years of both client and agency side strategic pharmaceutical marketing experience.

    Before joining Medac Pharma, Mr. Peters was Director, Marketing at Cornerstone Therapeutics, where he had responsibility for strategic product marketing and Marketing Operations. Prior to that, Mr. Peters held various senior level marketing positions at Accera, Gilead Sciences and GD Searle. Previously, he also held positions with the healthcare marketing agencies Klemtner, KPR and MedThink.

    Mr. Peters holds a B.A. in Communications from Indiana University.

  • Pat Pheffer
    Vice President Human Resources

    Pat Pheffer
    Vice President Human Resources

    Pat Pheffer joined Medac Pharma in 2013 as Vice President Human Resources.

    Prior to joining Medac Pharma, Ms. Pheffer served as Sr. Vice President Global Human Resources at Celgene Corporation where she led Celgene’s global HR team in providing HR support and services to employees, with a focus on building organizational health and capability, developing talent and strengthening employee relations and diversity and inclusion.

    Prior to Celgene, Ms. Pheffer was Sr. Director Human Resources at the Pharmion Corporation. Earlier in her career she spent 15 years at Aventis Pharma and its predecessor companies, progressing through human resources roles of increasing responsibility.

    Ms. Pheffer holds a B.S. in Management from Baker University.

  • Kevin O’Brien
    Vice President, Sales

    Kevin O’Brien
    Vice President, Sales

    Kevin O’Brien joined Medac Pharma, Inc. in July 2016 as Vice President, Sales overseeing all sales and training activities for the promotion of Rasuvo®. Mr. O’Brien has over 24 years of experience in the pharmaceutical/biotech industry with roles of increasing responsibility and capacity.

    Before joining Medac Pharma, Mr. O’Brien was the National Sales Director for Sobi, Inc., where he had responsibility for US sales as well as sales training. Mr. O’Brien was one of the original members of Sobi, Inc. and helped build the infrastructure of that organization with a focus on rheumatology and bone marrow transplantation. Prior to that, Mr. O’Brien held national sales leadership positions at Novartis in their transplant and hepatology franchises. Mr. O’Brien held various sales leadership positions at Axcan Pharma, Roche Laboratories, and GD Searle.

    Mr. O’Brien holds a B.A. in Communications from The University of Connecticut.

Adhering to the Highest Ethical Standards

Corporate Responsibility

At Medac Pharma, Inc. we are committed to creating a culture that encourages responsible corporate action at every level of our organization. We strive for the highest standards of business conduct and ethics.

Our Code of Conduct and Business Ethics illustrates the guiding ethical principles that support our commitment to compliance. Every day, we are faced with decisions and actions that give us the opportunity to embody the principles of our Code of Conduct. We are committed to maintaining an effective Compliance Program in accordance with federal and state government laws, regulations, and guidelines. We continually develop and implement policies, programs, and training activities to shape behaviors and help us achieve our compliance goals.

As part of the Medac Pharma, Inc. continuing commitment to corporate compliance, Medac Pharma, Inc. declares that, to the best of its knowledge, and based on a good faith understanding of the statutory requirements of California Health and Safety Code § 119400 and 119402, it has adopted a Comprehensive Compliance Policy as mandated by this California law. To the best of our knowledge, as of October 16, 2013, Medac Pharma, Inc. is in substantial compliance with its Comprehensive Compliance Policy and its good faith understanding of the requirements of California Health and Safety Code § 119400 and 119402.

For a copy of our Comprehensive Compliance Policy, you may request a copy via our contact us form or by calling 1-855-33MEDAC (1-855-336-3322).